About Me & Uke

Me & Uke, led by singer/songwriter JR Dahman along with his trusty uke, have curated a set list that reflects JR’s unique take on covers ranging from alternative and indie songs to ’50s classics with a sprinkling of originals thrown in. It’s like hearing your favorite songs for the very first time, with a ukulele twist.

But, it’s not just about the music—JR’s wit and clever banter add an extra layer of enjoyment to their shows. The true standout, however, is the remarkable chemistry between JR and his uke and their passion for music.

JR Dahman

About Me

JR Dahman

Having been nurtured on a musical diet of Elvis Presley, Prince, Punk Rock, and Classic Alternative music, the idea of a 13-year-old JR embracing a ukulele would have been met with scorn. He would have dismissed it as Tiny Tim bull$h!t. Fortunately, the ukulele didn’t cross JR’s path until after he’d spent over three decades carving out his unique style on the guitar.

With over 45 years of experience in the music industry (that’s a lot of years spent tuning strings), he honed his skills and personality in several popular local bands like the punk-folk trio Run Spot Run, indie-alt band James Bond Goes Surfing, and indie-punk band Leeko.

When the ukulele finally entered his life, it was love at first strum, and JR was perfectly equipped to merge these different influences and craft an extraordinarily unique musical voice.

About Uke

Kala Tenor Ukulele

The Uke behind Me & Uke and at the heart of their captivating sound is the Kala Tenor Ukulele.

With its meticulously handcrafted design, solid acacia wood body, and its warm, resonant tones, the Kala brings its unique voice to the stage, adding depth and character to Me & Uke’s musical arrangements.

Together with JR, Me & Uke will take you on a musical journey that spans genres, from alternative and indie to nostalgic tunes that’ll make you say, “Uke yeah!”

kala ukulele fort wayne